About Trampoline

Trampoline is an open source RTOS which, once certified, could be compliant with the OSEK/VDX specification. Currently it is not the case, so while Trampoline has the same API as OSEK/VDX, it is not officially compliant. Trampoline is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License V2.1. (...)

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About us

Trampoline is mainly developed by peoples from the Real-Time Systems group of IRCCyN (Jean-Luc Béchennec, Mikaël Briday, Sébastien Faucou and Yvon Trinquet). The project has external contributors: Jean-François Deverge from IRISA, Trame group from ESEO (Jonathan Ilias and Jérôme Delatour) and (...)

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Where is heading Trampoline ?

13 February 2013

Goil, the OIL compiler

Recently, we switched from Goil to Goilv2. The main difference is the full support of the implementation part of an OIL description. Now, default values can be defined for any attribute and any object. Moreover, we added the ability to define new object types in the implementation. By using this ability, we are moving more configuration in OIL like interrupt sources or API definition.

Run-time verification

As part of its PhD work in collaboration with Renault, Sylvain Cotard has plugged monitors in the kernel to do run-time verification of the application. The monitors are generated by a tool called Enforcer from a formal model of the system to monitor and of the properties to verify. So far, 2 papers have been published : « A Data Flow Monitoring Service Based on Runtime Verification for AUTOSAR » in ICESS 2012 and « A Dataflow Monitoring Service Based on Runtime Verification for AUTOSAR OS: Implementation and Performances » in OSPERT 2012 (Proceedings are available online for this workshop)


Inter OS application Communication, part of AUTOSAR OS 4.0 specification, has been added recently (thanks to See4sys for the development). IOC is configurable in OIL and some documentation exists in the Manual.

On going development

The main on going development is the multicore kernel. At first we will deliver an AUTOSAR 4.0 compliant multicore kernel. Because we are working on kernel modularization too, we plan to continue with a kernel where the scheduler may be changed easily and where other communication and synchronization mechanisms may be added.

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How to cite Trampoline in a paper

27 September 2012

Recently we found some papers citing the Trampoline website instead of the EFTA 2006 paper. If you did work using Trampoline and are looking for a reference, it would be better to use a published paper citation : Trampoline paper

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Trampoline 2.0 beta version available

23 June 2010

Trampoline 2.0 will be released soon. Here is a beta version to start playing with version 2.0. As explained in the article, feel free to try it, it is better tested than Trampoline 1.1 and carries many improvements.

Update: Trampoline 2b49 is available. See the link below

Trampoline 2b49

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Robotic french cup

19 May 2010

Serinus team (from IUT de Nantes) was in quarterfinals of the 2010 robotic french cup out of 166 teams. Congratulations for this good result!

Obviously, the strategy board of the robot is based on.. Trampoline! The robotic french cup is the national cup of eurobot.

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Trampoline to be presented at 10th Libre Software Meeting

6 May 2009

A presentation of Trampoline will be done during the 10th Libre Software Meeting that will be held in Nantes from 7 to 11 July. Check the abstract. Here is the corresponding session program.

Web site of 10th LSM

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