Goil 0.99.5 executables

30 November 2007

Here are the binaries of Goil 0.99.5 [1]. They come in 4 flavors :

  • Mac OS X/PPC (10.4)
  • Mac OS X/Intel (10.4)
  • Linux x86
  • Win32

Warning: Goil 0.99.5 may not work properly with versions of Trampoline older than rev371. Get the most recent revision of Trampoline from the repository. See Accessing the repository.


Installing is easy. Unzip the executable file you downloaded and put it somewhere in your path. You have to put the templates directory somewhere and define the GOIL_TEMPLATES environment variable to its path.

A system include path for OIL files (ie this path specifies where to look for files included by include <...>) can be set by using environment variable GOIL_INCLUDE_PATH.

Zip - 587 kb
goil 0.99.5 for Mac OS X/PPC
Zip - 593.6 kb
goil 0.99.5 for Mac OS X/Intel
Zip - 597.4 kb
goil 0.99.5 for Linux/x86
Zip - 640.5 kb
goil 0.99.5 for Win32

Templates did change, here is the 0.99.5 version:

Zip - 108.7 kb
goil 0.99.5 templates

Using Goil

Goil compiles a .oil file and generates 3 files :

  • tpl_app_objects.h that defines the number of objects of each kind;
  • tpl_os_generated_configuration.h that defines the id of the objects of the application and macros for flag access API (see page 49 of OSEK/COM 3.0.3 specification);
  • tpl_os_generated_configuration.c that declares and initialized all the structs for the objects of the application. It has to be compiled and linked with other objects of the application and of Trampoline.

Goil uses two options :

  • —target=target specifies target for code generation. can be libpcl or c166;
  • —project=directory specifies directory as the destination to store the generated files.

For instance :

goil --target=libpcl --project=. test_app.oil

will generate the files in the current directory for the target libpcl.

Improvements over goil 0.99

  • Goil 0.99.5 complains if an alarm has a counter that is undefined.
  • A ’}’ token was missing in the parser at the end of hardware counter objects.
  • A target.cfg file has appeared in the template directory to give the number of nanoseconds for a counter tick (used for timing protection). This file countains one line : tp_ns_per_counter_tick = xxx; where xxx is a number.
  • support for the PowerPC port (currently being tested).
  • Bug fix in path computation (Windows version)
  • Bug fix in timing protection of ISR (EXECUTIONTIME instead of EXECUTIONBUDGET)
  • Bug fix in ressource lock time table generation. When no resource was declared, a 0 size table was generated. Now, no table is generated in this case.
  • Added MEMMAP and COMPILER_SETTINGS flags in OS object to enable or disable the use of target specific memory mapping and compiler exotisms

[1] Goil 0.99.5 is compiled from rev403 of Trampoline

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